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With Qualified Manpower


Our Motto

GO stands for GLOBAL OCEAN which covers all aspects in manpower assistance in the international level for various Industries, to facitilate the growing need for qualified human resources.

Our Mission

Our success is ensured from our dedicated management philosophy which is based on strict ‘Values’. To enforce it in every action of our company.

Our Location

Our presence are in different parts of Asia and Middle-East, Bangladesh Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, UK, Nepal, Philippines, Qatar, Thailand

About Us

GO stands for GLOBAL OCEAN which covers all aspects in manpower assistance in the international level. In response to the growing need for qualified human resources, GO with its specialized experience helps companies facilitate the manpower requirements for current or future projects. Having served our clients and applicants in this field for more than 22 years, and collective experience of our Management team for 36 years. Where proficiency is concerned, GO is equipped with experienced and qualified personnel, ensuring the highest standard of quality in the selection of applicants from Professional to Unskilled Level.

GLOBAL OCEAN is YOUR KEY TO PROFESSIONAL TALENT. We believe in our ability and capability to supply / recruit qualified and experienced personnel’s for various types of projects and industries. We have served and fulfilled our specialized services with the utmost dedication and cooperation to the specification of standards and compliances set by our clients/companies. Our designated Associate offices will be grateful to assist in queries, clarification and information required. If desired, we can delegate our professional personnel to meet clients personally to discuss requirements that needs immediate assistance.


GLOBAL OCEAN provides able and qualified personnel in the multi sectors


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Health Care Talent

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IT Division

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Education Consultancy

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Selection Procedure

GLOBAL OCEAN (GO) has developed a unique and highly effective recruitment technique. To nurture the best of talents, the Biodatas of all the candidates are scrutinized extensively. Only applicants who fulfill the requirements are called for interviews. Succeeding which they are tested In-house or sent to approved trade centers to prove their practical and working skills. Candidates who perform exceptionally well are selected and recommended. The interviews and screening of the candidates are conducted by experts in the field.

We maintain a comprehensive data bank for immediate access to information whenever required. One can safely say that in searching for talent there is no equal to the competency and efficiency of GLOBAL OCEAN.

In order to serve the best interest of all clients, GLOBAL OCEAN (GO) offers 3 recruiting alternatives:

Direct Recruitment
Wherein client can select & pay salaries directly to workers, for which GLOBAL OCEAN (GO). co-ordinate with the interview and selection process of personnel directly selected by the client based on its employment standard and specifications.



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